Assessment Center

Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc. is pleased to offer portions of our assessment process online. Our goal is to provide an objective picture to both you and your organization of your work style and skills. Our observations are set against the backdrop of the position for which you are being considered, and because we know and understand our client organizations well, we are able to provide relevant feedback.

Consent and Use of Information

The assessment process involves gathering information about you in order to develop an understanding of your work-related characteristics. By taking the online inventories, you consent to the data use and data release (as described below) of any and all assessment information collected on you by Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc. and you verify that you are the individual assigned by Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc. to complete the online assessment.

Data Use

Your participation in this assessment process is voluntary, as is your consent to allow us to release your assessment results to the organization that requested your evaluation. The assessment data will be seen and used only by Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc. consultants and staff. The data will be interpreted and a summary of the findings (written and/or oral) will be shared with the client organization. Data will be used for selection and/or development purposes only.

Data Release

Your records at Roselle Leadership Strategies, Inc. are confidential and access to them is limited to those who can legitimately expect to receive and use the information. We also occasionally conduct research on our process and assessment tools and we may include your assessment results as part of a larger group for research purposes. No personally identifiable information from your assessment will be released to individuals or organizations other than the client organization requesting your assessment.

Important Note

You will receive an email directly from our office with instructions about how to proceed. Please complete only the inventories listed in that email. If you have any additional questions please contact us at (612) 605-6121.