How Can We Retain Key Leaders, Build Our Bench?

One of the most expensive issues your organization faces each year is the cost of losing key leadership talent. Other organizations are constantly on the lookout for great talent they can lure away from you.

By utilizing mentoring, coaching, cross-organizational teams, training on leadership topics and other initiatives, you can send a message to your leadership bench that you value them and want to leverage them further. This will help you retain key leaders.

Succession Planning

The truth is that most organizations do not have a coherent, workable succession plan.

RLSI can help to create a top talent grid so you can identify who they are and what new competencies they will need. Our executive coaching can then support you in leveraging their strengths, developing new competencies, and reducing the impact of their weaknesses.

Dealing with Troubled Leaders

In Human Resources exit interviews, the number one reason people cite for leaving an organization is a poor relationship with their manager.

Our coaching, based on our proprietary Leading Fearlessly™ model, has helped hundreds of leaders at all organizational levels recognize their reactive behaviors and shift to high performance responses.