Other Interesting Stuff

We are passionate about developing key leaders, selecting top talent, promoting high potential individuals, and other leadership topics.  Call us strange, but we think it’s interesting stuff!  So, we will periodically put material here from articles we have written or videos we have posted on YouTube, or things that others have written that we think are especially salient to leadership geeks like us.

We are excited to announce several speaking engagements in 2018 for Bruce Roselle. He will address the Annual Career Fair of the Project Management Institute—MN on the topic of, “Authentic & Fearless–The Secret of Career Success!” Pulling from two of Dr. Roselle’s best selling books, this session focuses on how underlying fears and feelings of inadequacy undermine career progression and satisfaction. Find out more at this link:

In addition, Dr. Roselle will speak multiple times to Ambassadors for Business (AFB) groups around the Twin Cities metro area on the topic of “Hero or Handicapped—what kind of leader are you?“ Check out times and locations for these “Networking with Purpose” at this link: https://business.afbnl.com/events