Your Organization and Our Services, The Perfect Match

We strive to keep it simple by offering efficient packages for what we see most often needed in organizations, but we also have the ability to develop new products or approaches when needed.

DEVELOPMENTAL LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS that include a structured interview, personality inventories, 360-degree feedback administration and feedback, feedback to management, and a written summary of strengths and development needs.

FAST TRACK COACHING for 6 to 12 months to follow up on above assessment results. This includes up to 15 hours of coaching in addition to unlimited phone and email access to coach.

INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMIZED COACHING This includes leadership coaching, career coaching, wellness coaching, and performance coaching.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING FOR TROUBLED LEADERS. Utilizing our Fearless Leadership approach, we help troubled leaders discover, understand, and develop new strategies to move past the obstacles that block their optimal effectiveness.

FULLVIEW FEEDBACK INVENTORY and administration of feedback with development plan.

INTERVIEW BASED 360 FEEDBACK and development plan. Because there are some situations where our FULLVIEW instrument is not appropriate, we use a series of interviews with key stakeholders to create the objectives that will guide our executive coaching.

GREAT LEADER WORKSHOPS which are aligned with competencies measured in the FULLVIEW Feedback Inventory. We have developed and validated 12 90-minute training modules that can be used in total or in part to bring needed content to your mid-level managers and supervisors.

CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS/TRAINING on topics such as career planning, development planning, leading teams, and any number of topics important to your organization.

ENGAGEMENT SURVEY administration and follow-up. Development and implementation of an employee survey that will help to serve as a baseline for results and progress with engagement and other organizational issues. We can also support a survey feedback and action planning process if you already have an employee survey in place.

SMALL GROUP COACHING SESSIONS facilitated by RLSI that can include peers and promote peer coaching and problem-solving within the organization. These sessions can be started as a type of round table with cross-functional leaders at any level of the organization. They tend to be a great way to do collective learning about best practices, collective problem-solving, and relationship building.

LEADERSHIP SESSIONS facilitated by RLSI. We can work with you and your leadership team to align your leadership development with your organizational plan, OR if you want to revise or update your organizational plan, we can help you with that as well. All of this helps to create organizational clarity, improved communication/engagement, as well as providing clear direction for your leaders and employees.

SUCCESSION PLANNING. Let us work with you to develop a simple but effective succession plan that will ensure you have the best leaders identified for your key roles and have created development plans to help them each grow into their roles.