Our Services: Fearless Leadership Training

Even the Best Leaders Get in Their Own Way

The secret to the success of most senior leaders is rooted in their genuineness, their capacity to manage their own responses, and their ability to influence people. More than anything else, the subtle nuance of interactions with others is the core competence of a senior leader.

In this inspiring and provocative session, we help your key leaders determine how irrational fears, faulty beliefs and lies they believe, can get in the way of their optimal effectiveness. Participants share with others in the room how these have become obstacles in their work, and then learn a strategy for a fearless breakthrough. By the end of this session, participants develop the specific tools and perspective they need to coach themselves through any leadership challenge. They build a foundation for Leading Fearlessly™.

The material for this session is based on our award-winning book, Fearless Leadership, Conquering Your Fears And The Lies That Drive Them, published in June 2006. In 2007, it received Best Business Book and Best Self-Help Book awards from independent publishers associations. Drawing on our 25 years of executive coaching experience with clients from various private and public organizations, we have captured the essence of what makes leaders powerfully effective.

To help organizations further develop key leaders, we offer a workshop series comprised of twelve modules. It provides the vehicle for turning good managers to great leaders.