Our Services: Great Leaders Training

It Takes Time and Experience to Develop Great Leaders

We have worked with thousands of leaders at all levels in organizations like yours, and we bring that seasoned perspective to our leadership training.

The content from our Great Leaders workshop series comes from our coaching experiences and synthesizes the best practices we read in business and leadership development periodicals and books.  We update the content every couple of years to reflect the current themes in leadership.  These materials have been translated into Rumanian and Spanish in a collaborative venture with one of our clients, Toro (http://www.toro.com/en-us/pages/default.aspx ).

The 12 modules we deliver for this training come directly from our FULLVIEW Feedback Inventory™, and many organizations choose to utilize this 360-degree feedback tool before beginning the actual training. You can decide to deliver all 12 modules or a subset of them. Or, you can send participants to our public version of this workshop.

Here is a sample video of the Great Leaders workshop: