Our Services: Great Leaders Training

It Takes Time and Experience to Develop Great Leaders

We have worked with thousands of leaders at all levels in organizations like yours, and we bring that seasoned perspective to our leadership training.

The content from our Great Leaders workshop series comes from our coaching experiences and synthesizes the best practices we read in business and leadership development periodicals and books.  We update the content every couple of years to reflect the current themes in leadership.  These materials have been translated into Rumanian and Spanish in a collaborative venture with one of our clients, Toro.

The 12 modules we deliver for this training come directly from our FULLVIEW Feedback Inventory™, and many organizations choose to utilize this 360-degree feedback tool before beginning the actual training. You can decide to deliver all 12 modules or a subset of them.

From 2021 participants in the Great Leader learning experience (included half-day training sessions, individual coaching, and FULLVIEW 360-degree feedback):

  • Thanks for a great course! I really enjoyed the discussions and content. You do a great job of keeping the group engaged.
  • Coaching sessions are so incredibly helpful, especially as it relates to linking the content with the 360-feedback instrument and unpacking some of the other more individual opportunities.
  • The 360 instrument is an excellent tool. As an introvert, as much as I hate role playing, the exercises during class were very helpful as well!
  • Spacing out the content was great. It allowed sufficient time to process and ingest the tools and learnings.
  • The class content is helpful in reinforcing & normalizing thoughts and concerns I have had while transitioning into leadership positions.
  • The discussions were enlightening, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet co-workers I never would have interacted with in my working day.
  • Really good tools were shared. Lots of conversation/experience sharing with classmates. Just want to say how much I appreciated the class you taught.  It was interesting and very insightful.  I’ve already started using the tools!