Meet Our Team

Bruce Roselle, PhD, Emeritus Psychologist

Founder, President

Bruce is the Founder and Principal of Roselle Leadership, and he brings a breadth of experience and a deep sense of purpose to the task of helping leaders become more authentic and fearless.   For more than 35 years, Bruce has provided executive coaching, as well as leadership, team, and career development to private, non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations.

A recognized expert in the fields of career and leadership development, Bruce is a sought-out speaker at professional conferences and corporate events. He writes a regular online article for The Business Journals in their How-To section ( ). In the past, he has written and co-written articles that appeared in various professional journals in the field of leadership development and talent management.

He has published four books, including: Vital Truths (2002) and Fearless Leadership (2006), which won two awards from independent publishing organizations–Best Business Book (bronze) and Best Self-Help Book (silver) in 2007.  His third book, The Fraud Factor, was published in 2016. The Great Leader Handbook was published in 2019.

To meet the unique needs of your organization, Bruce can draw from a collection of other independent consultants he has worked with over the years. He has developed a broad base of relationships with top-notch individuals, and he can pull from their various areas of expertise and experience to create the ideal team for you, when needed.